Step by step install The Best Spinner on Windows 7

My friend want to use The Best Spinner for his language project. He want to learn more about word variation. Even though this software widely use by IM ers I also think this script also useful for learning process.

Download latest version of The Best Spinner

You can download latest version from here.

Save in my document or other folder.

Double click installer to start the wizard

The Best Spinner installation options, let it as is. Click Next.

Choose installation folder, click Browse button to change the folder other than C:\Program Files\TheBestSpinner 3

Click Install button.

Wizard will install everything depend on your setting.

Click  Close button when the process is complete.


Access The Best Spinner from Windows 7

You can use search function on Windows 7 or click Start -> TheBestSpinner

First time use will require you to enter username and password. Enter username and password and click Login button.

For first time use TheBestSpinner will download latest synonyms database, just click OK to start download. The process depend on your internet connection.

The Best Spinner Tip

Tip : how to get around 70% unique result. Set these settings each time you want to use TBS.

1. Click Everyone’s Favorites under Favorites area.

Set these settings :

– Best for quality level

– keep the original word found in the article

– spin levels from (0 to all)

2. Click Auto-Select Synonyms under Auto Tools area.

Set these settings :

– Auto select : phrases only

– max synonyms : 3

– frequency : every word/phrases

Happy spinning and enjoy your weekend 🙂


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