Step by step install Easy PHP on Windows 7

PHP has released version 5.3.8 and I want to learn new function or changes happen on that version. My wampserver or xampp is not support PHP 5.3.8 and I want quick solution than install its component one by one aka using php installer.

Easy PHP is the answer. I decide to add this software to My Windows 7 starter and only run it by request (not set as service).

Easy PHP also support modules where you can put yourself as programmer, designer who need only CMS/ Blog or Forum administrator who want to learn it on localhost before assign the application online.

Download latest Easy PHP version from here and save it to My Document or other folder.

Double click the installer and choose Setup Language.

Click OK.

This version will install easyphp 5.3.8 on my computer, click Next.

Yes, as I said this installer will take care these stuff :

  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • PHPMyAdmin

automatically, click Next to continue.

Click Next

Choose Destination Folder

By Default installer will use Program Files but I prefer to use C:\easyphp

Your is vary, click Net when you’re ready.

Select start menu folder, let it as is.

Click Next to continue.

Installer will provide summary of settings collected, click Install.

Wait for while and you’ll get working Apache, PHP, MySQL and PHPmYAdmin on your computer, ready to work.

P.S : EasyPHP use as the address due to localhost is not working well on Windows vista and above based system.

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