Step by step guide connect to password protected wifi On Windows 7

“I can’t connect to internet, but I see others can connect with password. Can you help me to connect my Windows 7  to password protected Wifi access point? ”

One of my friend who recently bought  a Toshiba Laptop with Windows 7 installed want to use internet connection that available for free only for cafe guest.

I help him and try to write down the steps for others :

Make sure to enable the wifi connection

The icon below who disabled connection.

Move your cursor and right click and choose ‘Enable‘.

Icon will change to a color picture (see the picture) when the device enabled.

Right click again after move your cursor and choose “Connect/Disconnect


Choose Wifi Connection

You’ll see list of available wifi connection. Choose one by click the name and click Connect.

Type the network security key

Ask the waitress for this key. You may disable “hide characters” option by uncheck the checkbox.

Click OK.

Pay attention to tray and see the connection icon as shown in the picture. Open your web browser and try to surf. If everything is fine you’ll see the that you can connect to internet.

For computer desktop that need wireless connection I prefer to use Medialink – Wireless N Adapter that work flawlessly with my Windows 7 64 bit.

Happy surfing and see you in next post.

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