Howto install Windows 7 : Preparation 1

After renew our campus agreement I found that our license contains serial for Windows 7. I’ve doubt if iso file also available in download section but I got surprised when I see new iso and YES. It’s Windows 7 iso 🙂

I just knew from my friend who bought Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Upgrade that official release of Windows 7 is 22 October 2009 but I see 6 August release , perhaps it’s special for old customer 🙂

I need to test it out before take it to our technician in Virtual environment and I decide to use VirtualBox that I install on my OpenSuse.

Get Windows 7 DVD

I download iso file from Microsoft site.


Click on Continue Download button.

You’ll prompt with Download Manager and Web Browser. If you have internet explorer you can use Download Manager to get advantage of resume support when internet connection get interrupted.

Since I use Firefox installed on OpenSuse I choose Web Browser to download it manually.

Save the file to preferred location.

Next step is burn iso file to a DVD.

Create New Virtual Machine Wizard

Virtual machine is the safest way to try out an operating system and program without worrying crash your existing system.

Now open your Virtual Box and create new virtual machine.

click Next.

Give name of your virtual machine, I use Windows 7 in field name and choose operating systems : Microsoft Windows

Make sure to choose Windows 7 in Version section and click Next to continue.


Allocating Memory

I have 1 GB memory and I decide to spare only 512 MB for my virtual machine, just type 512 in the box or you can drag the scroll.

Click Next to continue.

Create Virtual Hard Disk

Just follow direction as stated in your screen, choose create new hard disk and click Next.


Till this step you see how new virtual machine created, I’ll continue with Storage section in next post.

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