How to use WinSCP for manage files

Online files storage make people live easier than before. Share file and backup file available through web browser with easy to use interface. As long you have internet connection then you can access it from anywhere. If you have web hosting account then you’ll need to access it for change any information related to your web. Send file to web hosting company through your account called upload and get your file called download.

Security is important factor that you need to care, recommended facility for upload or download your file is via web browser or secure ftp.

WinSCP is another software that work similar with ftp with more enhanced features, mostly is security. You can upload and download your file securely.

In this post I’ll show you how to manage your files within web hosting using winscp. Winscp is windows software that available in 3 forms :

  1. Installation file
  2. Portable file
  3. Source code file
You’ll need number 1 or number 2 for your daily need.

Here step by step guide on manage your file with hosting company that support ssh support (primary requirement for this work is secure shell aka ssh account)

1. Open winscp or find it using windows search utility.

click WinSCP icon as you see on the image.

2. Enter your :

  • Hostname, this entry will require domain or ip address.
  • Username
  • Password
Username and password is supplied by hosting company. Let SFTP and ‘allow scp fallback’ option checked.
Click Login to continue.

3. First connection attempt will display this kind of  warning message. click Yes button to continue connecting and add hot key to the cache.

4. If your hostname and username and password entered correctly you’ll see this display. As you see left side list all files you have on local computer and the right side list all files available on your web hosting account.

5. click ‘key’ icon near SFTP-3 will display server and protocol information of your connection.

6. I’ll try to upload file ‘passwords.txt’ on my computer to my account.

Just click the file, drag and drop it on right side area.

7. New window will appear as you see, just click copy button to continue.

8. You’ll see file ‘passwords.txt’ on the right side.

This method is more secure than ordinary ftp connection with one drawback : its bit slow. No problem, its better to prevent any bad people.

See you on other article, stay health!

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