How to use hjsplit : step by step

One day my friend ask me to share newest FreeBSD iso ( 8.1) and I already show him ftp server for downloading the file. He ask me to use rapidshare but I prefer to use mediafire due to their resume capability.

I use hjsplit for split the file into smaller part and I use this post to share how to use hjsplit in step by step, perhaps someone will find it useful.

Download hjsplit

hjsplit available from freebyte website, go grab latest version that suitable with your windows version.

Split file with hjsplit

Extract hjsplit that came with .zip file

put the file within the same folder.

double click to open hjsplit, click Split button to start split file operation.

Click input file button to browse big file that going to split into smaller parts.

Enter split file size : I enter 300

Choose file size type : Mbytes

In summary : I decide to split the file into smaller file with size 300 MB.

Click Start will make program start to work.

When operating successfully accomplished you’ll see message : Splitting completed.

Click OK.

See current directory and you’ll see 3 new files with ending .001 , .002 and .003

As you see it’s easy to use hjsplit for divide file into smaller parts.

Join file with hjsplit

To join file created by hjsplit is easy too. In this example I rename original file with ending 122.

Double click hjsplit and choose Join menu.

Click Input file button and choose .oo1 file

Click Start button will start join operation.

When joining operation completed you’ll see message box like this one.

Check the directory. As you see there’s  new file as result of join operation.

Both file completely identical in size.

Split and join operation using hjsplit is easy job.

You can use compare function for comparing file and Checksum menu for generate digital signature of the file.

See you in next post!

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