How to set ADSL Router

Maintain internet connection and make it available for 24 hour 7 days a week isn’t easy specially when you only have one internet connection, some problem with only one ISP common to happen such as; outage for cabling upgrade, interference (if using wireless lan connection), 3G problem with ISP etc.

Seeing this as potential problem make our bos decide to give another alternative connection as backup, ADSL connection using local ISP with cable.

Since the ISP don’t provide free router I search on the net and found great deal on D-LINK product, many D-LINK product from switch, network camera, router etc.

I choose one product that my friend who work at ISP recommended :


“The DSL-520T is an ADSL Router ideal for home networking and small business networking. The setup wizard will guide you to configure the DSL-520T to connect to your ISP (Internet Service Provider). The DSL-520T’s easy setup will allow you to have Internet access within minutes.”

Together with technician from ISP we set the router as follows :

1. Connect router with single PC.

2. Plug cable from phone (make sure to use splitter first) to ADSL router.

Power this ADSL power ON.

3. Access your browser ( Firefox, Internet Explorer etc) and open this address :

This address is provided by default, for some other device this address might be

Check the manual for sure.

4. Enter this information :

username : admin

password : admin

check your manual once again to recheck.

5. Run wizard

Use wizard for easy way, click Run Wizard button


Setup Wizard will show general steps taken.

Click Next.


Choose Time Zone, this setup will affect your router time.

Click Next.


Select Internet Connection Type, depend on your ISP, Typical connection for ADSL is PPPoE/PPPoA.

Click Next.


Enter PPPoE/PPPoA information, all data provided by ISP.

Click Next.


Setup Completed, click Restart.


When router goes back into operation it should connect to ISP.


Pay attention to Connection status : Connected.

So far this ADSL router work well, served connection and rarely got disconnected from ISP.

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