How to install VirtualBox 3.0 on Windows XP

Virtualization always fun for me since I can explore many other operating system without need to own new computer and low risk to damage existing computer from virus, spyware, malware etc that waiting to spread using our computer.

One of virtualization technology available for free out there called Sun Virtualbox the installation process is easy but for some people that might to know how to install VirtualBox 3.0 in windows XP may follow this steps :

1. Download latest virtualbox from virtualbox download page.

2. Double click installer file (usually exe file). Click Next to continue.


3. Accept the terms in the Licence Agreement. Click Next.


3. Click Next to accept default value, USB support, networking etc.


4. I change installation folder to E, some of you might want to change default installation folder.


5. Select the way features to be installed. Click Next to continue.


6. Warning : network interfaces

This message is fine, just click Yes to allow VirtualBox reset your connectivity and adjust it.


7. VirtualBox ready to setup, click Install to start install.


The process should run and just wait till it finish, VirtualBox will ready to server and available from Programs menu.

In next post I’ll continue on showing how to start install guest OS for virtualbox.

Stay tune.

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