How to install portable XAMPP on Windows 7

My friend already finish his design project and would like to continue to web programming steps. He ask me if I have suggestion about software he can use with flexible. He can use it with his netbook or other computer (PC) easily. I suggest him to use portable XAMPP for his requirement. In this post I’ll show how to install portable xampp on windows 7.

Lets get start!

Download latest xampp portable from here.

Save to my document or other folder (I choose xampp-usb-lite). Double click to extract the file.

Choose language and click OK.

Windows will confirm about UAC, let it and click OK.

Welcome to xampp(usb) setup. Click next to continue.

Choose install location (don’t worry if you choose wrong directory as you’ll always free to change it later)

Click Install.

Software will extract the files , click Finish button when its over.

Start XAMPP for first time.

Open directory where you put xampp portable files (in this case I use c:\xampp)

Click xampp_start to start all service.

Open web browser and type ‘localhost’.

If you see this display then your setup is right.

What if I want to use other directory or USB flash disk?

Just copy all files to that directory or USB flash disk and run “setup_xampp” file before run xampp_start.

setup_xampp work for change the path, you just need to run it once for every new folder you use.

I hope you can understand, see you and stay health!

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