How to install adobe flash player

Flash component already put big role in surfing experience or plating online game, problem came when windows show up ask reader or user to install adobe flash player before use the service. Meebo, yahoo web messenger or facebook game etc ask that plugin and won’t let user use the service.

Installation process itself is easy, here the steps :

1. Download Adobe Flash Player

Depend on your operating system, adobe will automatically directing you to appropriate download page like this picture.

Click ‘ Agree and install now‘ button.


Choose Save File and save the file to My Document.


Make sure to close all running browser, click Try Again or relaunch installation program.


Click Close.

Try to open your browser and see if application that refuse to work before now let you use their service.

General guide for facebook game you might follow these steps :

1) Clear your browser’s cache (called “Delete Temporary Internet Files” on some browsers),

then restart your browser.

2) If that didn’t help, restart your computer after you install the newly downloaded Adobe

Flash player to make sure Facebook recognizes your Flash version properly.

3) Go to any OTHER flash game that actually loads fine (outside Facebook!), right-click into

the game to get the Flash player’s settings, and make sure you give it at least 10 MB of


4) If that didn’t help, completely uninstall Flash player according to Adobe’s instructions: and then reinstall the latest version.

5) If that still didn’t help, and you’re running Windows Vista, and you update to Flash

Player 10, you need to download, unzip, open, and run THIS Debugger exe file from the Flash

player website:

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