How to Convert Microsoft Access to MySQL

Convert Access Database to MySQL database step by step

As part of my class lesson, I’m going to show to my student about convert desktop project to web based application. After thinking for a while, looking for inline lesson I decide to ask them to convert microsoft access project to php and mysql application.

The process in general are : write the procedure in the form of flowchart, create mysql database and convert ms access to mysql. Web based application build based on database.

Microsoft Access version I’m going to use is MS Access 2003
MySQL version I’m going to use is MySQL 5.x that included in most of PHP Installer .

This post will show how to install a ms access to mysql converter in step by step guide. Let get start!

Install Bullzip MS Access to MySQL

I’m going to start with installation of Bullzip MS Access to MySQL. This tool is freeware and you can download the latest version from here.Save to My Document or other folder. Double click to start install the software.

Step by Step Install Bullzip Access to MySQL

Install wizard will be show up.
Click Next to continue.

bullzip install wizard

License Agreement.
Choose “I accept the agreement” and click Next.

bullzip license aggrement

Select Destination Location
Let it as is, click Next.

choose destination folder for bullzip

Select Start Menu Folder
Click Next.

select start menu folder on windows for bullzip

Select Additional Task
Click Next.

select addtiional task for bullzip

Ready to install
Click Install.

Installer will copy and install all required files, when you see this picture it mean the installation process successfully.
Click Finish.

bullzip ready to install

The software detect MySQL ODBC Driver is not exist in the system.
Click Yes.

bullzip ms ascess successfully install

Continue with MySQL ODBC Driver installation.

bullzip can not find installation

Install MySQL Connector – ODBC

Download latest MySQL ODBC Driver from here. Save to My Document or other folder.

install mysql connector odbc 5.1.8

Double click to start installation program.
Click Next.

start install wizard for mysql connector / odbc 5.1

Choose Typical on Setup Type.
Click Next.

choose typical setup for mysql connector

Click Install.

click install after review all requirement

Click Finish.

Run MySQL Server

At this stage we already install bullzip access to mysql converter software and MySQL ODBC Driver.

Before we configure the MySQL ODBC Driver we need to run MySQL server first.
I choose to use MySQL 5.5.8 that included in WampServer on my Windows 7 system. For other software beside Wampserver, you can here.

Start Wampserver.

run wampserver by click start

Open web browser and open http://localhost
Click on phpmyadmin link.

open phpmyadmin

If you see this page, it mean MySQL server run well and we can continue to next step.

phpmyadmin setup work well

How to configure MySQL – ODBC Driver on Windows 7

We continue to configure MySQL – ODBC Driver, on Windows 7 you can start by type “odbc” and you’ll see 2 result as seen on the picture.
Click on “Set up data sources (ODBC)”.

setup odbc to read mysql

click Add button.

add data source for mysql

Scroll down and choose “MySQL ODBC 5.1 Driver”

Scroll down and choose "MySQL ODBC 5.1 Driver"

Set Connection Parameters

You can type anything on “data source name” and “description” section.

Enter : localhost on TCP/IP server
Let the port on default 3306.

Enter username and password for MySQL database.
Choose existing database from drop down.

Click Test button to check .

click test to check

If you see “connection successful” then you’re done.

connection successfull

Here the driver list after you add MySQL ODBC driver.
Click OK.

mysql odbc driver registered successfully

How to convert MS Access to MySQL

Wow, long write 🙂
After system know how to communicate to MySQL via MySQL ODBC driver we can test the program.

I’ll use northwind.mdb as sample. By default this file located in :

C:/Program Files/Microsoft Office/OFFICE11/SAMPLES/northwind.mdb

Let start conversion process by open Bullzip MS Access to MySQL program.
click Next.

converting from ms access to mysql begin

Click button on Filename section and find northwind,mdb
Click Next.

choose source database

Choose :
Direct transfer

Enter this information :
Host : localhost
Port : 3306
Username : root
Password : (empty)

Choose Database “test”

Click Next.

choose destination database

Select All tables and click Next.

select all tables

Click Run Now button.

click run now

conversion on progress

conversion in progress from ms access to mysql

wait for while and you’ll see conversion result.
click Exit.

conversion result

You can see the result by click database ‘test’ on phpmyadmin.

see the result in database with phpmyadmin

You also check northwind.mdb on design mode to see the tables source.

design mode with northwind.db

8 tables converted to 8 tables on MySQL.

So far, the software work well on doing the job.
Thanks for reading this lens and I hope its useful.

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