How to add new hard drive on Windows 7

Same question as my office friend ask me.

How to add new hard drive on Windows 7?

He decide to install Windows 7 and make backup of his photo to separate external drive.

Yes, that’s good. Make sure to backup your data before doing some serious work with your system.


Before introduce new drive to Windows 7 make sure to :

  • Plug your new drive in right position
  • Detect if this new drive exist using peripheral properties.


Open windows explorer and see initial condition before new drive added.

Right click on ‘Computer‘ icon, choose ‘Manage‘.


Computer Management

Click Storage -> Disk Management

New child windows will appear with title ‘initialize disk’.

Click OK.


Drive list will appear, first disk identified as disk0 and new disk identified as disk1.

Right click on new disk and choose New Simple Volume.


New Simple Volume Wizard

This wizard helps you create a simple volume on a disk. A simple volume can only be a single disk.

To continue, click Next.


Assign Drive Letter or Path

For easie access, you can assign a drive letter or drive path to your partititon.

To continue click Next.


Format Partition

To store data on this partition, you must format it first.

Enter :

  1. File system : NTFS
  2. Allocation unit size : default
  3. Volume Label : Photo
  4. Perform a quick format

Click Next to continue.


Completing the new simple volume wizard

If everything goes fine, summary of work that wizard will do displayed.

You can click Back to fix if something not OK and click Finish if think everything is fine.


By click Finish button wizard will initialize new drive, check it from windows explorer.


As you see new drive with label ‘Photo’ is in the house yo 🙂

Welcome new member and your ready to fill it with anything you want.

See U guys!

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