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Able to play game with any computer is a condition that I must face, when I have netbook I just play game with netbook. Even in meeting room where most of pc not optimized for gaming I still use it 🙂

Of course its a daunting task disable a few thing in my computer for gaining gaming ready mode until my friend told me about game booster. game booster is freeware from iobit that work in this ways :

  1. Updating hardware drives
  2. downloading essential tools
  3. tweaking system settings for gaming
  4. defragmenting game directories
  5. temporarily shutting down background process
  6. cleaning ram
  7. intensifying processor performance

This software also works with any anti-cheat software like PunkBuster, Cheating-Death and VAC.

By all means everything inside your system tuning in automatically by gamebooster.

Download Game Booster

Click here to download latest version of Game Booster (2 beta)

Step by Step Install Game Booster

Double click GameBooster exe to start install.

Click Next.

Choose “I accept the agreement” and click Next.

Select Destination Location.

Let is as default and click Next.

Select Start Menu Folder

Let it as is and click Next.

Select Additional Task and click Next.

Game Booster is ready to install. Verify all settings.

hit back button if you don’t satisfied and click Install when you ready to install.

Setup wizard will install the software and let “launch game booster 2” checked.

Click Finish.

Software will start and give a few advice .

As you see from the picture I have these things :

  1. 15 services can be stopped
  2. 2 drivers need to update
  3. 4 game essentials are not installed or out of date
  4. your system not in Top Performance

I’ll continue to post every advice I try in my netbook.

See you in next post.

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