3 Things You Must Do After Install / Upgrade to Windows 10

Its been long time after I post last article in here 🙂 . Sorry for confusion but I’m not abandon this blog as I love it for share anything useful. Last week I have chance to try Windows 10 on my HP Pavilion 14 laptop. Have a few unusual problem that never I see during my life with Windows operating system. After struggle with those culprit I have the title for this post 🙂

3 things you must do after install / upgrade your Windows OS to Windows 10 :

Disable Windows Update Send Parts

If you ever use torrent then you’ll see this mechanism. Windows 10 has ‘enhance’ version of Windows update that able to upload your downloaded Windows file to others computer (local or internet). To disable this feature follow these steps :

Click Windows Icon then click ‘Settings’


Click on ‘Update & Security tab’


Click ‘Advanced options’


Pick ‘Choose how updates are delivered’.


Activate turn off


Set reservable bandwidth to 0

Windows 10 has mechanism for reserve bandwidth that taken 80% of connection if this setting not configured or activate. To activate the setting and set it to 0 follow these steps :

Open Run command and type ‘gpedit.msc’ then hit OK button


Click Administrative Templates -> Network -> QoS Packet Scheduler

Choose ‘Limit reservable bandwidth’


Choose ‘Enabled’ then fill 0 on bandwidth limit section. Click OK.


Update Wireless driver to latest version

Windows 10 use ‘old stock’ driver for Wifi connection that make my connection really bad. Low signal strength and not optimal wifi setting. To fix the issue follow these steps :

Open ‘Device Manager’ (right click on Windows logo)


Right click on WIFI network adapter (in my case I have Broadcom).


Choose ‘Search automatically for updated driver software’ . Wait for a moment.


Done, I have latest driver software version for my Broadcom BCM43142 on Windows 10.


To verify version and the date you can check its information from Driver tab.


Those 3 steps make me happy ever after 🙂

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